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Whats it's all about!

Our Code

Faith, Family, Friends, Football, and God Bless the USA!

Our family has always lived with the above motto to remind us about the foundation of a blessed life.

I am blessed with a wife of 43 years, three children, and three grandchildren. And of course our puppies Oliver and Honey Bear!



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Faith, is the reminder that we are created to live a life that is rooted in hope to continually promote peace by delivering grace. 

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Family are the amazing people that we have been given to share this beautiful life. They are the daily reminder of what life is all about!

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Friends are the people we choose to surround ourselves with that remind us who we are, and encourage us to expand our understanding of the world.


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Football is a reminder to enjoy life and keep your hobbies intact. Whether it is football, pickle ball, golfing, reading, writing, or painting, remember to take time to do the things we love. 

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God Bless The USA!

To those who have been given much much is to be expected. It is a blessing to live in Rochester, MN.  Our community is a place that miracles are experienced  every single day.  It is our responsibility to care for the community and city we live in. Together we must make sure the future is brighter for those who come after us. 

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